The How To Pages
A lot of folks have contacted me with questions about brew gadgets, mostly stirplates and kegerators, but some other areas as well. For gadgets and hardware with warranted interest, I've made some informational documents with steps, procedures, part numbers, and pictures of what I've done to solve an issue or make my brew day a little easier. I wish could claim each gadget as my own, but most ideas came from beer forums and chat boards. The descriptions just explain how they came together and any 'improvements' I chose to make. Each item described is a valuable part of my brewery, and fits my needs and my brewing style very well. Hopefully you'll find these pages useful, if nothing else as background information. If they spark new ideas or you find a way to improve apon them....please let me know. erik at onebeer dot net
  1. How to make a kegerator
  2. How to make a stir plate
  3. How to get magnets from a dead hard drive
  4. How to make a mash recirculation arm
  5. How to make a mini tap portable 2 liter keg
  6. How to plumb gas lines on brew stand
  7. How to make custom tap handles
  8. How to calculate final gravity with a refractometer
  9. How to calculate pre and post boil gravity
  10. How to calculate water requirements with batch sparge
  11. Brewing References: Grains, Hops, & Yeast