Hot Liquor Tank
The HLT used to have a copper pick up tube, but I found my magnetic drive pump actually works a little better without it. This keg was a Heineken keg, so it's a little smaller by volume and a lot heavier (higher gauge steel?).

Mash Tun
The Mash Tun is fitted with a stainless steel false bottom and pickup tube. Also included is port with ball valve through the side wall to transfer hot sparge water. Originally the I had this Mash Tun set up for fly sparging. The nice folks at Morebeer welded some tabs on the inside to hold a vertical bar which supported a variable height sparge ring. For various reasons I switched to batch sparging, removed the fixed sparge ring and replaced with my height adjustable recirculation arm.

Boil Kettle
My Boil Kettle has two ball valves so I can whirlpool while cooling the wort with an immersion chiller. I also fit the Boil Kettle with Bazooka Tee to screen hops and cold break from the whirlpool.

Stainless Conical Fermenter
I started out fermenting in food grade plastic buckets. Personally, I think they work really well (though the debate over plastic seems to never end). Plastic buckets are nice because they're cheap, they're light, and easily stored. However, I wanted to start harvesting and repitching yeast from my brews...oh, and I'm a total gear whore, so I sucked it up and went deep for a stainless conical. They aren't cheap but I really feel it's made a difference in my brewing. Clean up and sanitizing is a breeze. I can also remove trub a few days into fermentation meaning I never have to secondary. I also opted for a clear plastic top so I view fermentation (very cool).

Temperature Contolled Fermenter
I bought the same Sears Kenmore mini fridge that I use for a kegerator and use for temperature controlled fermentation. With minor alterations to my conical I can just fit it into the mini fridge. With the help of a digital temperature conroller I'm all set to keep constant fermenting temperatures for both ales and lagers.

Beer Storage
I love craigslist, in fact I'm a junkie. A while back I found a full sized refrigerator without a freezer, which is perfect for increased storage. I had to remove the molded plastic shelving on the door to increase space but this was pretty simple (remove about 40 screws, take the molded shelving off, and put the rubber seal around a piece of white board from Home Depot). With this modification I can fit 12 carefully stacked corny kegs, or put 6 cornies on the bottom and use shelving to hold an additional 4.5 cases of bottles.