Welcome to my online repository for all things homebrewing. This site was originally crafted to house pictures and documentation for my homebrewery. This quickly evolved into some easy how-to instructions for building and modifying brewing equipment, easy DIY brewing gadgets, and a few simple yet very useful brewing calculators.

For years I also blogged on beer related subjects, but this dwindled from daily to weekly to occasionally to almost never. So instead of greeting you with stale front page containing seriously old news I've decided to go back to my original intention of an online repository for homebrewing information. From the navigational links at the top you can find information for the following areas:
  • Brewstand: Pics and information about the creation of a custom, single-tier, steel frame.
  • Equipment: Pics and information about kettles, fermenters, and cold storage.
  • Gadgets: Pics and information about creating kegerators, stirplates, and more.
  • How To's: Step by step DIY instructions for equipment and gadgets, online calculators for gravity/ABV/brix coversion/water requirements, and brewing references for hops/grains/yeast.