My Brew Stand
Here is my brew stand. I made it from scrap steel that was graciously donated free of charge by my buddy Kevin. I should mention without his patience in teaching me to weld, this project would never have happened (and I still owe him a lot of homebrew beer for his help). The frame has three 170,000 BTU propane burners with wind screens and a hard plumbed propane gas line. Each burner is independantly controlled and all run off a single propane tank. The thought of boiling water over my head or standing on a ladder to reach kettles with boiling water was not appealing to me, so I made my brew stand single level. To move water and wort I included two high temperature magnetic drive pumps by March Manufacturing. These are quality food grade pumps and have no problems handling the high temperature water and wort I'm moving. The pumps were wired into a switch housing so I can easily turn them on an off without pulling electric plugs, and the housing has a cover for water resistance to boot. The entire stand was welded to heavy duty casters and rolls easily around my garage (which is where I do all my brewing). For detailed instructions on gas line assembly click here.

Brew stand creation
Here are a few shots of the brew stand assembly and kettle fabrication. Being a true tool slut, Kevin owns a plasma torch which made quick work of cutting the tops of the beer kegs. The edges were grinded down, then stainless couplers were welded in to for thermometers and drain valves. The frame for the brew stand was slowly assembled and welded together from scrap steel. All the visible welds were ground down, then the frame got an overall grinding and wire brushing. Once everything was put welded and and sanded the frame got a coat of primer and several coats of black engine enamel.