Custom Tap Handles
I've been searching for a way to label my tap handles for a while. I thought about making a handle for each beer (and I may someday) but that's a lot of work if you brew often and in many different categories. So after some thinking I came up with this.

Parts list:
  • 1 stair baluster from hardware store
  • 2 tap handle ferrules from LHBS
  • 1 cheap wood dowel rod 5/16"
  • 2 bags of wood balls from craft store
  • Stain and varnish
I had enough to make 4 handles (of various shapes) from the one spindle (but only two matched). Each of the wood balls were drilled with receiving holes, then drilled the tap handles and glued in a short length of dowel rod. The balls friction fit on the dowel rod (tight enough not to twist, but loose enough that I can interchange them). I think I've got 10 or so now, and it will be easy to add more as I brew more styles. The stain and varnish even made the cheap wood balls look OK.